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Every Korjo electrical product – adaptors, travel iron, water boiler, travel jug, hair dryer and USB hub – is rigorously tested to comply with the relevant Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards.
After receiving reports proving their compliance to the Standards, we apply for and receive Approval from the relevant Electrical Authorities before the products are offered for sale.
Re-testing and re-approval is then carried out at regular intervals in accordance with the Standards.
For your safety and peace of mind, only purchase Approved products

Korjo is THE original Australian Travel Accessories company. It is still a proudly Australian family company.
At Korjo Travel Products, our aim is to help business and leisure travellers all over the world to have a more comfortable, happy, safe and convenient trip. Korjo focuses solely on travel accessories and has been providing information, advice and travel products for more than 30 years. We believe that the travelling experience should be about maximising the enjoyment, educational and business opportunities that travel presents. Therefore Korjo has created a genuinely useful range of travel products that minimise discomfort and problems, and promote security, health & safety - letting you concentrate on the trip itself.
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Korjo pioneered the travel accessory business in Australia in the mid 1970s, when we started manufacturing a limited number of travel products to sell in our Melbourne pharmacy (Kausman's pharmacy in Buckley and Nunn). Travellers started to flock to the pharmacy, which quickly became known as the place to go when planning a trip. Soon other retailers saw the Korjo products and recognised the sales potential, and Korjo made a transition from creator and retailer, to importer, wholesaler and distributor.

Further growth came with international expansion - although Korjo has always ensured that our international partners share our visions, goals and ethics.

We are very proud that Korjo is a well known and respected International Brand, with over 120 products in our range, yet we remain an Australian family company.